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Public Safety

Lamar Thorpe’s efforts have helped make Antioch a safer community. However, there is still a lot more work to do so that all residents feel safer in their neighborhoods. 

Lamar Thorpe is trusted by the community to fight and make sure all Antioch families live in safe neighborhoods. As an elected official in Antioch, Councilman Thorpe:

  • Co-authored, along with Councilwoman Monica Wilson-District 4, a measure that was overwhelmingly passed by Antioch residents that created the funding to authorize the chief of police to hire 121 police officers, and double the size of the city’s code endorsement team. 

  • Advocated for policy to allow both the police department and code enforcement team to overhire to fight off attrition rates. 

  • Gained unanimous support from City Council colleagues to advance a neighborhood traffic calming policy that included $75,000 dedicated to speed humps. 

  • Voted to prohibit hourly motel/hotel rentals within Antioch to help combat human trafficking within the sex trade. 

  • Worked to increase funding to ensure landscaping crews maintain public medians to prevent blight and plant overgrowth. 

  • Voted to create a community facilities district for the local fire department to ensure they are adequately resourced as Antioch’s population continues to grow. 

As Mayor, Lamar Thorpe will continue to push for measures that promote long-term health, safety, and stability. Thorpe’s plan includes:

  • “No Parking” signs on street sweeping days to ensure neighborhoods are thoroughly cleaned and abandoned cars are easier to identify and remove.

  • Triple the size of code enforcement.

  • Increase efficient lighting in neighborhoods that are too dark in the evening. 

  • Continue to invest in transforming parks, trails, sidewalks, and other areas into quality public spaces that are attractive to people. 

  • Hire local park monitors during after-school hours so that children are safe in our public spaces.

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