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Statement By Mayor Lamar Thorpe Re. Placement of City Manager on Admin Leave

Office of the Mayor--

Statement by Mayor Thorpe Re. Placement of City Manager on Administrative Leave:

At the Tuesday, March 15, 2023, City Council Meeting, the City Manager was placed on paid administrative leave. Vice Mayor Tamisha Torres-Walker and I were not present for the vote as my flight from Washington, DC was delayed for several hours.

I know my colleagues intended to proceed in the best interest of the City of Antioch and within their authority. However, while they may have believed their actions were correct, legally they were procedurally wrong.

In an effort to allow the Council to express its will, I'll be calling a special meeting for Friday, March 17, 2023, at 10:00 am to correct this action and, if needed, potentially appoint an Acting City Manager.

To that end, I want to assure Antioch residents, city employees, and partners that the City remains focused on our top priority of increasing our overall quality of life and ensuring public safety.

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Marc Mallary
Marc Mallary
Mar 19, 2023

Why were you in Washington DC?

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