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Mayor Lamar Thorpe's Statement Re. the Passing of Sen. Dianne Feinstein

“Today we are all saddened, as we mourn the passing of a trailblazing, political giant, our very own Senator Dianne Feinstein. She will be in the history books as the longest-serving female Senator in US history.

In every political office she won, she made history. She was no stranger to breaking down barriers and glass ceilings to the benefit of many, many Americans throughout our Nation.

In 1994 she led the bipartisan effort for the federal assault weapons ban, which at the time was supported by former presidents Gerald Ford (R), Jimmy Carter (D), and Ronald Reagan (R).

Having been born in 1981, Senator Feinstein’s ubiquitous presence was felt throughout my entire life; as well as the lives of countless Antiochians.”

-Mayor Lamar A. Thorpe, City of Antioch

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