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Mayor Lamar Thorpe's Statement Re. Antioch Police Union Lawsuit

“I’m deeply troubled and disappointed that the Antioch Police Officers Association –a.k.a. the Police Union– still doesn’t get it.

Current and former members of the Antioch Police Department are being indicted by the US Department of Justice. Several more are being charged with state crimes by the Contra Costa District Attorney.

Two state agencies are investigating the department including California’s attorney general. The city is currently investigating members for racist text messages discovered by the FBI.

And, lastly, the city council approved my request for audits of the internal affairs process, hiring and promotions practices, and to examine patterns and practices.

Right now, the police union should be working with my colleagues and me to build a department that is reflective of our city’s values. Instead, the police union is busy trying to intimidate me and City Hall with the same old, tired tactics of yesteryear by aiming to turn me into the 800-pound gorilla in the room.”

-Mayor Lamar A. Thorpe, City of Antioch

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