Jan 22, 2019: City Council Agenda Rundown-Lamar Thorpe

Jan 22, 2019: City Council Agenda Rundown-

Study Session: City Strategic Plan update & discussion.

Proclamation: Mildred Biglow Burris Petersen & Black History Month


(G) Second rending of rezoning properties located at 211 & 215 W 19th St from residential to conveniences commercial. (H) Antioch’s Comprehensive Annual Report for for FY 17/18. (I) Resolution finding Antioch in compliance with Growth Management requirements of Measure J. (K) Auditor’s Report for Antioch Public Financing Authority.


(4) General Plan Amendments that specifically update our general plan to reflect our cannabis policy and overlay, name changes for mixed use designations, & a focus area, and minor zoning changes.


(5) Evviva Bands, LLC contract resolution for phase 2 of their work from previously allocated $100,000. (6) Presentation and discussion about business workspaces (including Accelerators, Co-working Spaces, Exec Offices/Office Suites, Hacker Labs, & Incubators). (7) Discussion about standing and ad-hoc committees.

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Paid for by Lamar Thorpe for Antioch Mayor 2020; FPPC: 1432877