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Mayor Lamar Thorpe fought to develop and regulate Antioch’s cannabis industry safety, ensuring dispensaries pay their fair share to city coffers and promote minority participation in business and workforce opportunities. 

Residents know they can trust Lamar Thorpe, an elected official in Antioch, to ensure only responsible and safe cannabis retailers and related businesses make their way to Antioch. Mayor Thorpe:

  • Worked on developing vigorous rules for marijuana retailers and related businesses.

  • Voted to approve a cannabis policy including a green zone district (passed by a 3/2 vote).

  • Proposed the creation of the Antioch Cannabis Ad-Hoc Committee. 

  • Fought to ensure all cannabis businesses include a social equity program that either promotes cannabis-related ownership and employment opportunities or supports marginalized communities that have been disproportionately impacted by the War on Drugs. 

  • Co-authored the proposal to make the Cannabis Ad-Hoc Committee into a standing committee of the City Council. 

As Mayor, Lamar Thorpe will not settle for bad actors within Antioch's cannabis industry. Thorpe’s plan includes:

  • Limiting the number of retail dispensaries allowable in Antioch to avoid oversaturation in the city and within specific council districts. 

  • Expanding the green zone to attract high-wage cannabis jobs in the areas of manufacturing, cultivation and growth, and biotechnology.

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